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Piano lessons are offered following both the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and Leinster School of Music syllabi. Also offered is the opportunity to learn different styles including popular  and jazz. The piano's variety of styles has made it one of the most well-known and popular musical instruments.

Violin lessons are offered following the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music  and Royal Irish Academy of Music syllabi, or there is the opportunity for students to pursue other styles including popular and jazz. The violin is uniquely adaptable to both solo and ensemble/orchestral settings and has sonorous and colourful tone qualities.



Flute lessons are offered following both the Royal Irish Academy of Music and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music syllabi. The warm and bright tone of the flute is adaptable to a variety of performance genres such as solo, duet, and ensemble playing. If in doubt about the commitment of buying such an instrument to learn, there are rental schemes available for students to try learning the instrument for up to 6 months before investing in a purchase.

Guitar lessons are offered on both an individual and group basis. All styles are covered including classical and contemporary. Both acoustic and electric guitar lessons are available. There is also the opportunity to pursue examinations if desired with the Registered Guitar Tutors or Rock School syllabi.


Vocal tuition covers a large range of styles including operatic, folk and popular music. Exams in Classical singing and Musical Theatre are available. Students will be coached in breath control and posture along with appropriate warm-up exercises and developing a varied repertoire. The versatility of the voice to choral and solo performance is particularly attractive.



Pre-instrumental classes are ideal for children (Age 4 - 7 years) who wish to learn a musical instrument, in that they provide a basic introduction to the elements of music, listening and response skills, and basic music notation. Children will be introduced to each of the instruments of the orchestra and will learn through musical games and activities.

Music theory classes follow the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music syllabus. Competency in music theory is a vital part of progressing in instrumental tuition and deepens the all-round understanding and experience of learning music. It acts as an essential tool in aiding composition and sight-reading skills. 

Junior and Leaving Certificate classes cover all aspects of the curriculum including the set works, listening skills, Irish music, and composition. Learning in small supportive group settings promotes active and focussed learning for students.

Music Theory

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