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Linda Collins is the founder of the Rye Rhythm Music School - Leixlip and is a teacher of piano and flute. She graduated from NUI Maynooth with a Bachelor degree (Hons) in music in 2006 and completed the MA in Music Therapy in the University of Limerick in 2008. Linda has been teaching piano and flute for the past ten years and also co-ordinated local Adult education classes in keyboard and music theory for two years. In Summer 2006, Linda directed the Orchestra Summer School in Leixlip and also Rye Rhythm Music Summer School in 2009. In addition to the Music School, Linda also practices music therapy in various settings.



Kira Deegan is a teacher of voice and piano who has gained extensive experience in vocal performance both in Ireland and abroad. Kira studied music from an early age with the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Trinity College London, before graduating from NUI Maynooth with an Honours BA (Mus) degree. She was later awarded the Diploma in Opera Performance from the University of London (Birbeck). Kira has traveled with renowned performing groups such as Anuna, Celtic Women and Riverdance, where she appeared as lead vocal soloist. She has also been cast in professional operatic productions including Madame Butterfly, Lady Macbeth of Mtensck and The Flying Dutchman. See Kira's website www.kiradeegan.com

Suzette Monds
is a piano & voice teacher with Rye Rhythm Music School.

Chris Cahill is a guitar teacher with Rye Rhythm Music School. He encourages his students to pursue exams aswell as mastering various playing styles.

Laura O' Neill
is a flute & pre-instrumental teacher with the school. She holds a BA in Music and Classics (NUI Mayooth) and an MA in Classics(NUI Maynooth). She has over 10 years experience teaching flute, piano, recorder and theory both in Ireland and abroad. Laura taught curriculum music to primary pupils over a period of 2 years while living in Uganda. On returning from Uganda, she undertook a Graduate Diploma in Education (Music) at the University of Limerick and graduated in 2011 with First Class Honours. Since then she has taught Junior and Leaving Certificate Music and also continues with her instrumental teaching. Aside from teaching, Laura has performed in a variety of contexts , both public and private, in a solo capacity and as an ensemble player.

Keren Maxwell
is a piano teacher with Rye Rhythm Music School & also teaches in other schools in Dublin.

Rachel McGroarty
is a piano & voice teacher in Rye Rhythm Music School. She studied music from a young age in The Leinster School of Music and College of Music DIT and successfully undertook exams with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. She graduated from NUI Maynooth with an honours music degree BA(Mus) and has obtained with distinction a diploma in Classical Singing Performance from the London College of Music. Rachel has performed most recently in The National Concert Hall and sings regularly in venues such as The Helix ('The Sound of Musicals'), the Unitarian Church St. Stephen's Green, and is currently preparing for a performance of the Pergolesi 'Stabat Mater' and a second 'Sound of Musicals' show. She is in demand as a wedding singer and also volunteers in her local Montessori and Pre-school making music fun between 3 and 5 years old.

Sabina Carthy
is a violin teacher in the Rye Rhythm Music School.

Ronan Tierney
is a guitar teacher in the school, and works in various projects & schools across Dublin.

Marie Cosgrove is a guitar & music theory teacher in Rye Rhythm Music School
. Marie is also a qualified Secondary school teacher, & has taught the Junior & leaving Cert Music syllabus as an extra subject aswell as supplementing material taught in school.

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